Vendor Sales Letter


Mathew Brian

Sales Head, Central Showroom

D-9, second floor

Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire

3rd August 2011

Dear Mr. Brian

Subject: vendor sales letter

We are hereby writing to congratulate you on the successful sales done by your sales counter. You have been selling our food products in your showroom since last 5 years. This quarter has seen the maximum sales in last 5 years. You have given us the sale of $5000 in this quarter which is an outstanding amount. This wonderful sale is the result of your constant hard work and dedication. Our company has decided to give you best vendor award for this magnificent sale from your end. You will also be getting a family trip for 5 days as a reward for this astonishing sale figure.

We appreciate your efforts and dedication in making our products popular in your area and would want you to popularize our products in the nearby areas as well. It will add value to your profits along with our brand spread in those areas. Looking forward to continue working with you towards making our product a great success.

Please feel free to call us in case if you have any concerns about the products, product delivery or any other query.

Thanking you

Christopher Henry

Sales Head, JYT Food Products

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